Nature Girl

by Scotty Hills

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The album's title is a personification of mother nature; an innocent girl who holds the answers to man's age old questions of nature vs. nurture. Our need to understand her, and addiction to pacifying her.


released February 24, 2017

Produced by Scotty Hills
Mixed by Diego Medina at Old Confidence Lodge
Mastered by Tom Coyne at Sterling Sound
Drums engineer - Jason Cook

Scotty Hills - Drums/Guitar/Bass/Vocals
Carsten Rubeling - String production
Morag Northey - Cello
Jonathan Lewis - Fiddle
Stephen Fletcher - Keys
Jason Cook - Drums engineering
Troy Howell - Backing vocals
Angie Hills - Backing Vocals
Sharon Matheson - Backing vocals
Charlie Vellieux - Pedal steel
Cathy Saxby - Backing vocals
Maria Mellow - Viola

LeAnn Mueller - Photography/Art Direction

This project is funded in part by FACTOR, the Government of Canada and Canada’s private radio broadcasters. Ce projet est financé en partie par FACTOR, le gouvernement du Canada et les radiodiffuseurs privés du Canada.

In dedication to the badass queen of the Edmonton you Kirby


all rights reserved



Scotty Hills British Columbia

In the months leading up to his new release "Nature Girl", the Juno Award nominated artist's diverse inspiration lead him by train to Detroit where he wrote with Motown alumni, a West coast road tip to Los Angeles writing pop for Rihanna, and recently playing L.A's legendary Hotel Cafe. Though he travels to gather stories, Scotty's muse rests by the Pacific Ocean, near his home on Vancouver Island ... more

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Track Name: Hope You're in Toronto
I knew you long before your name was in lights
before your breakthrough summer
I knew you prior to the yes men patronizing you
before the night time vampire things you do
I swear someitmes baby I would've gave up my right hand
just to be there when you landed

Well, I hope you're in Tornonto and you're okay
I went to the airport but I was too late
Well, I really wanna tell you I think you're okay
but I wanted you to get away

You told me that you needed rescuing again
from all you childhood pain and suffering
But noone came and told you that when you get grown
that all those bad decisions they become your own
Of all the great big mistakes I can boast
your the one I like the most


If you're looking to the right
and you see me sitting there
on a cloud no aeroplane
wishing that I wasn't there

Must be seven or eight years ago now
you crept back across my mind
you can take a bow
If you only allow me to wave goodbye
wave you from my mind so I can see the sky
Oh how the time it does roll on
showing old love to it's dawn

Track Name: Nature Girl
My everything you make me see that life is beautiful
shining light into the corners of my heart
Pouring rain on where the grass used to grow
how much I care for you, you'll probably never know
and I...I'm so here for you

The first spring I didn't think that it was possible
all that beauty elequently untold
Just when I started to make up my mind
in come the winter time, just to remind me that I
I've been so here for me
I, I've been so here for me...

Like a colour glass shadow, you cast a memory
of a heart that's just now waking up inside of me
I'v had my days where I think I've had about all I could take
then comes a feeling, I could build again when there's nothing left to break
when there's nothing left to break...
Track Name: The Answers
We are a freshly dug garden
we are and undug grave
We are today
as much as tomorrow, or yesterday
We are lost
as much as we are found
as much as we are astray

I went looking, for the answers they
followed my just like a cancer around

Well do you ever get the feeling like we're all dust
living in some living room rug
or a lamp in the corner shining our electric sun
till our idle day has finally gone to bed

Or maybe you've got the notion that our time is up
or perhaps you're just not filling your cup
oh mother nature's love will be there long after your gone
when you go back to the dirt you know you're right where you belong

I went looking for the answers they
followedme just like a cancer around

Oh and every sunrise seems to say
that an end is surely coming to my days
there will come a time
when all my questions they can be erased

We are
a fresly dug garden
we are
a freshly dug garden
Track Name: Won't Be Back
I woke up in a broken bed
and the cloud, it was in my head
brown sugar bacon baby
floating through the air
and all I can is a
jet black hair

On a faded pillow case
embroided in tears
and a bunch of broken dreams
I'll be quiet as the night
as I escape, into the light

I see you stabbing me with those
looks of love
and I can see the arrow through your heart
oh and in a minute, we could be walking around
both of our west end souls in the, lost and found

On a concrete be I lay
got messed up again
is that the sun
All those nice things I bought you
they lay on the ground
and my west end soul
lays up in the lost and found

You probably won't be back again..

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